Club honours 1994 – 2001



U9 F Div 1 Winners & Special league Winners
U11A F Special League Div 2 Winners
U13A F Div 2 Runners Up
U15 A F Div 2 Runners Up
Junior F 8 League Winners
U11 H Div 1 Shield Runners Up
U14 H Div 4 Winners
U16 H Div 2 Runners Up
Intermediate Hurling Championship finalist
Ladies Football Intermediate Championship Finalist
U12 Camogie Runners Up Div 2
U14 Camogie Runners Up Feile Div 1; Runners Up League Div 1



U9 F shield & Summer League Winners
U11 F Div 2 Winners, Div 1 shield Winners
U12 F A Shield Winners
U13 F Div 4 Runners Up and Shield Runners Up
U12 Girls F Championship Winners
U10 H League Winners
U11 H Div 1 Shield Camaint Winners
U12 H Leinster Festival Winners
U14 H Div 2 Runners Up
U15 H Div 3 Winners & Championship Winners
Junior H Div 3 Winners and League Fletcher Shield Winners
U13 Camogie Championship beaten finalists
U14 Camogie Div 1 Feile Runners Up



U9 F Special League Winner
U13 Div3 F Winners
U14 Div 2 F Runners Up
Winners Intermediate Football Championship for 1998
Junior F Div 4 League Winners, Murphy Cup Winners, Mooney Cup Runners Up
U15 H League Div 3 Winners, Runners Up U15 B Championship
Junior Hurlers Winners Top 4 competition and promoted to Intermediate Grade
Camogie U13 Championship Winners, League Runners Up



U13 F Div 3 Winners
U14 F Feile Div 5 Winners
U15 F Div 3 1997 Winners
Junior F Div 9 2nd Place, Div 5 2nd Place League & Cup
Inter F Loving Cup Winners, Div 2 League Winners, Champ Finalists
Ladies F Senior Div 3 Winners
U14 H Div 3 Winners U12 Camogie League Winners



U9 F Winner summer league
U10 F Football Shield
U21 F Div 2 South Winners
Junior F Joy Cup Winners, Runners Up O’Broin Cup
Semi Finalist Intermediate F Championship
U11 H Div 3 Camaint and 11 a side Winners
U15 H Div 3 League Runners Up   
U16 H Div 3 Runners Up
Junior H D Championship Winners, Tobin Cup Runners Up
Camogie U11 League Winners



South East Board U10 F Div1 Winners, Div 4 Winners, Corrigan Cup Runners Up
South City U15 F Div 1 Runners Up
Junior F Div 1 Winner
U15 H Div 3 Winner




South East Board U9 F Div 1 Runners Up, Cup Runners Up
U14 H Div 3 Winners
Junior F Championship Runners Up, Div 2 Runners Up



South East Board U9 F Div 1 Runners Up
U10 F Shield Winners
U11 F Div 2 Winners
U12 F Shield Winners
South City Board U14 F Div 1 Winners
Junior F Div 3 Runners Up, Conlon Cup Runners Up
U13 H Div 3 Winners




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