Fundraising Opportunity for BSJ

Parents, Adult Players and Club Members A Unique Fundraising Opportunity for BSJ and a Unique Way to Support Your Local Community

Request from Peadar O’Shea – BSJ Chairman

Our Club costs €250K each year to run. We take in €120K per year in membership fees and need to make up the difference each year through lotto, bingo, fundraising and surpluses on the Bar and Shop. Taken together in 2015, we are projecting a significant Club deficit.

An opportunity has arisen to make significant inroads into the deficit in 2015, provide a sustainable future income to the Club, and give something back to our local Community and the Club. To make this work requires NO FINANCIAL COMMITMENT but does require a SMALL TIME COMMITMENT from many people.

Are YOU willing to help ?


Concert promoters MCD have offered BSJ the opportunity to provide Stewards for the upcoming Marlay Park concerts in July. Concerts will take place on 3rd 4th July and 17th 18th 19th July 2015.

Stewards will provide an identifiable presence outside of local housing estates and other specified points, they will provide local knowledge on request and while it is expected that their presence will reduce anti social behaviour Stewards will not be required to intervene but instead will draw Gardai attention to any issues arising.

We will need 80 Club Members for each of the 5 days of concerts. In return for a full stewarding session ( up to 10 or 11 hours though may be less and can be shared within Family ) the Club member will be entitled to a ticket for that specific concert which can be swapped with another member for an other date or given to friend / family member. Age Required in 17 Upwards !

In return for the Concert promoter will make a substantial donation to Club finances.

We are asking each Games Coordinator ( Names on the Reverse of this Flyer ) to ask each Team

Mentor to provide [ 3 to 5 ] volunteers for each of the 5 dates of concerts. We need initial confirmations by 5th June 2015. Insurance will be covered under Club policy.


Download information here.