Garda Vetting Form and Instructions


Garda Vetting Form Download by clicking here


Procedure for the completion of Garda Vetting forms 

Please read the following carefully  before downloading and completing the Garda Vetting application form. It is imperative that you complete all sections of the form fully, correctly, and legibly. Please use block capitals when completing the form.



Complete the form using BLOCK CAPITALS


1)   Fill in your SURNAME, PREVIOUS NAME if any (e.g. MAIDEN NAME) and full forename/s.


2)   Alias If you are known by any name other than that / those on your birth certificate including a nickname you may commonly use please insert in space provided.


3)   P.P.S. No. (formerly R.S.I Number) : Please enter your P.P.S number here (if you do not have a P.P.S. number, please contact the office of your local Revenue Commissioners to obtain same)


4)   Insert your date of birth in the format: (dd/mm/yy)


5)   Fill in your place of origin (i.e. the town or city where you were born)


6)   Have you ever changed your name? If yes, tick ‘yes’ box, if no tick ‘no’ box.

If yes please state former name: Insert any previous surnames if applicable (e.g. in the event that you were married on more than one occasion or that you have changed your name by deed poll etc.)


7)   Please state all addresses from year of birth to present date: it is very important that your current address and all previous addresses, including all addresses abroad, are provided.  You must also insert the years that you resided at these addresses year from and year to.  These will be checked and if there is any period of residence unaccounted for, the form will be returned to you.


8)   Have you ever been convicted of an offence in the Republic of Ireland or elsewhere? If no, tick ‘no’ box. If yes, tick ‘yes’ box and then please provide details of conviction(s), i.e. Date, Court, Offence, Court Outcome.


9)   Declaration: Please make certain you fill in the position you are applying for in the section marked:  “I, the undersigned have applied to work as a…” You must read this declaration carefully, sign and date it, and also print your name in block capitals underneath the signature.  (BLOCK CAPITALS)


10) State the name of your club, what team you assist and the role you fulfill with the team

      in the box provided for this information



Please place the completed and signed form in an envelope and return it to your Club Children’s Officer or other nominated official.  All forms will be processed by the GAA through the Garda Central Vetting Unit and the National Children’s Office in Croke Park will, in due course, inform you as to the outcome of your vetting application.


You can drop in behind bar in club in an envelope or if you are attached to the nursery, give it to the nursery coordinator or the registration desk, and we’ll deliver to club for you.