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Membership Fees for Ballinteer St Johns

To download the relevant membership form click one of the following links:

 Adult Membership Form 2018:

Juvenile Membership Form 2018:

Nursery Membership Form 2018:

Note: It is important that you sign both pages 1 and 2 as we require consent to ensure compliance with GDPR rules.

Existing Members: Ballinteer St Johns uses the Smart Club Solutions Management system to manage our Club members. Smart Club Solutions provide The Smart Club Cloud system, which allows users to  • Update profile info (personal details) • Pay membership online and update the system with their payment.

You should have received 2 emails on Friday 26th January from the email address The first contains your username and the second your password for logging into the Smart Club Cloud. These mails may have gone into spam so please ensure you check your spam folder.

If you do not receive emails by 01st February, check your spam folder. If they aren’t there, please send your name, address and names of your family to

ALL NEW MEMBERS please note:  A signed membership form is still required for registrations.  Please download the form by clicking on the link above, complete, sign and return form to BSJ Registrar. We will then contact you regarding payment.

There is a Family Option to allow Non Playing Adults (Parents/Guardians) to become Club members at a discounted rate – see below for all Membership Options and Membership Entitlements.

Individual Fees

Membership Type


Non Players

Youth (Under18) / Student in Full Time Education – subject to Max €300



1st Youth/Student



2nd Youth/Student



3rd Youth/Student



4th Youth/Student



Adult Membership Options





Adult Unwaged



Committee Member and Mentors






Senior (65+)



Long Term Member*



€   50


*Long Term Members – 10 Year, 20 Year or Life membership charges.

  • Life members – No annual registration charge for non playing life members,  €50 for Players
  • 20 Year members – First 4 years – No annual charge for Non Playing members, €50 for Playing members, full annual membership charge for the balance of the membership term
  • 10 Year members – First 2 years – No annual charge for Non Playing members, €50 for Playing members, full annual membership charge for the balance of the membership term
Family Options – Available where 2 Non Playing Adults (Parents/Guardians) register with their Youth(s)/Student(s) (savings in brackets)


No of Youths/Students in full time education

2 Adults –

Full Membership


2 Adults –

I Full membership and

1 Committee, Mentor, Temporary/Social

2 Adults

Committee, Mentor, or Temporary/Social

1 Youth/Student

€ 230 (-40)

€ 190 (-25)

€ 150 (-10)

2 Youth/Students

€ 310 (-40)

€ 270 (-25)

€ 230 (-10)

3 Youth/Student

€ 360 (-40)

€ 320 (-25)

€ 280 (-10)

4 or more Youth/Students

€ 410 (-40)

€ 370 (-25)

€ 330 (-10)


Long Term Membership Options 




Full Fee


Converting To Life

Converting to Life if Discount is applicable

Existing Life member extending Life membership for family members

Partner only

Partner and Youth/Student in full time education

10 Year






20 Year

€ 2,550












Ballinteer St Johns – Membership Options



Category of Membership



Charge applicable

Vote at AGM


Use of Gym*

Eligible for All Ireland ticket draw

Full – Life





No Charge**

Full – 20 Years





No Charge 4 years**

Full – 10 Year





No Charge 2 years**

Full – Annual





Annual Registration

Youth (Under 18)




If 16 or older

Annual Registration






Annual Registration

*Gym Access is subject to availability – First priority to Teams who have dedicated times allocated for pre-season preparation – Timetable to be posted on the Website

 ** Long Term Members (Life, 20 Year, 10 Year) – Playing members subject to reduced annual charge to contribute towards Facility and Referee costs. Membership charge exemptions and entitlements for 20 and 10 Year members commences from 1st January 2004 or the 1st of the year such membership commences if later than 2004

 Full Membership – applies to all paid up Adult members, Adult Players, Mentors and Committee

 Youth – All Members under 18 years of age

 Temporary/Social – As a club, by law anyone using the bar must have at least Social membership or must be signed in by a club member