New Underage Policy on Gumshields

Dear Parents,


This year there have been a few serious dental injuries in underage football in the club. The Executive, in consultation with our under-age mentors, have decided to make it club policy to recommend that under-age players (ie all players up to & including Minor grade) wear gum shields for football, in both training and games. This will apply from January, 2011.


Having spoken to a lot of parents regarding the use of gum shields, it is clear that parents want their sons/daughters to wear gum shields. Next season, mentors will be encouraging players to wear them at all times in both matches and training.  Ultimately, it will be the responsibility of parents to ensure that their sons/daughters wear gum shields. If, for any reason you do not want your son/daughter to wear a gum shield, please inform his or her mentors.  


In November of this year, Mr. Shane Duffy, B.Dent. Sc. who is a member of Ballinteer St. Johns will come to the clubhouse to fit teams for gum shields. He has negotiated a group discount with a Dental laboratory in Roscrea and will fit the gum shields for €35 per player. This is for any single colour gum shield with the name embedded and with a case. If club colours or any other colour combinations are requested the cost is €5 extra per colour. If any adjustment is required the player can go to Shane’s practice in Clondalkin to get it checked.


Alternatively Shane can provide a cheaper gum shield which would be made of a clear material and would not have the name embedded. This would still be custom made but would provide less protection. The cost will be €25. 


If you would like your son/daughter to be fitted for a gum shield please send an e-mail with the information requested below to, or fill in the slip below and give it to a mentor or drop it into the clubhouse. Please respond by Monday, 18th October. When we know the number who wish to avail of this service, then each player will be given a date and time for the fitting. The fee must be paid in advance of the fitting.

The prices above are for professional customised gum shields. Gum shields are also available in all Sports shops. There are numerous brands and all are moulded to the shape of the child’s mouth using hot water. These gum shields vary in price from €3 up to €20.


Player safety is of top priority in Ballinteer St. Johns and we hope that by introducing this policy of recommending and promoting the use of gumshields, we can reduce the risk of injury to our young players’ teeth. It should also instill good discipline in relation to wearing gum shields as they progress to adult level.


If you have any queries or require further information please e-mail me or phone me on 087 9261082.


Nora Tully

Request for Dental fitting of gum shield at cost of either €35 or €25 (Return before 18th October, 2010)


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