Nursery 14-15

The 2014 – 2105 nursery commences this weekend @ Broadford at 10am.

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This year we say goodbye to the 2006 group  both boys and girls who are moving out of the nursery, and we welcome in children born in 2009.

The 2007 Boys will move top where the 2006 group trained last season, and the 2007 girls will stay in the same space on top pitch and be joined by the 2008 girls.

The 2008 boys and girls will split into a boys group and a girls group. The 2008 Boys will move up one space from where they were last year, the 2008 girls will move up to top pitch to train beside the 2007 girls.

The 2009  both boys and girls will train at the bottom of Broadford between the container and the club house where the 2008 group started training last September.

Please remember the club policy of all kids playing in their correct age bracket before exiting the nursery, if your child is playing up a year now is a good time to readjust and get them playing with the correct age group.

Carol Nolan, our club GPO will be helping to get the 2009 group up and running, she will be assisted by Clive Reynolds and Jen Farrelly and any other parents that can get involved please do so, its our club and the more we do together the easier it is for all.

Garda vetting has become a  requirement  for all people coaching and looking after children. These are rules that the GAA is implementing to adhere to expected legislation in this space. We are asking all mentors or potential mentors to be pro active in this space and download a garda vetting form from the club website, any further information you require in this space please contact  Helen Mc Daid  or Clare Egan  , who can fill up in on details.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Sat the 30th  August.

Alan Reddan  Nursery Co-ordinator.
Carol Nolan Games Promotion Officer Ballinteer St Johns GAA