Pieta House “Mind Ur Buddy”



The Club is delighted to announce the launch of the Pieta House ‘Mind Ur Buddy’ campaign, in conjunction with the ongoing National GAA ‘Mind Our Men’ initiative.

Many of us may be impacted by suicide during our lives. With the stigma attached to mental health, people, especially men, in need are often too afraid to come forward and look for help, suffering in silence until it might be too late. With this in mind, Pieta House have started this initiative in GAA clubs all around Dublin with the hope of helping those who need support, and reducing the tragic number of suicides, again especially among young males, in Ireland. This campaign is a peer-led scheme, and Ballinteer St. Johns have two representatives (Connor Parker McCabe and Fearghal Duffy) directly linked with Pieta House, so that anyone who needs help, or has concerns about someone can go to someone local in the Club. All contact will be strictly confidential, and it is not just men who can avail of the service. Anyone who feels like they might need help can get in touch with Connor or Fearghal.
Mental health issues are a terrible burden that no one should have to deal with alone, so please, if you, or someone you know needs help, please do not be afraid to get in touch. We need to remove the fear and ignorance attached to suicide and turn prevention into positive action.
The contact details of the Ballinteer Buddies are given below, as well as information about how to get in touch with Pieta House directly and access some of their web resource materials. 
Ballinteer St. Johns is hugely proud and grateful to Connor and Fearghal for stepping up to this role and they can be assured of the full support of the Executive.
Connor Parker McCabe
Mobile No: 087 280 3564
Fearghal Duffy
Mobile No: 086 331 1368

Useful links:

Click for link to Pieta House website – https://www.pieta.ie/

Click for link to Mind our Men webpage – https://www.mindourmen.ie/index.php 

Click here for the Mind our Men information pack – https://www.mindourmen.ie/files/MOMInfodoc.pdf 

Click here for Mind our Men support pack (useful contacts) – https://www.mindourmen.ie/files/MOMSupportdoc.pdf