Proposed Committee 2021

As no nominations have been received for election to the club executive and in line with the guidelines put forward (set out below) the executive have agreed to extend the term of office for the existing Executive Committee to the 2021 AGM
Notwithstanding the Rules and, in particular Rule 8.6 of the Club Constitution, the following provisions shall apply to the election of officers to the Executive Committee for 2021:
Where a club has a limit on the length of time an officer may hold a position and that officer is due to retire at the 2020 AGM, the Executive Committee may appoint that same officer to serve until the 2021 AGM subject to the following conditions:
  a) there are no other nominations for the position; or
  b) the vacancy still arises after the conclusion of the AGM; and
  c) the Executive Committee is unable to find a suitable replacement.
ChairmanDarren Chambers
Vice ChairmanNiall Joye
SecretaryGerry Watchorn
TreasurerAnne Keane
RegistrarMary Deverereux
Asst. RegistrarGillian Buckley
PROPatricia McGrath
Health and WellbeingElaine Dolan
Sub Committee Recruitment/Fundraising/Community LiasionEamonn Hession
Eamonn Coleman
Bar Committee Rep.Paul Nolan
Juvenile ladies chairPatricia McGrath
CultureJames Ahern
Players Rep.Dara Taaffe
Child Welfare OfficerSue McDonnell