Santa comes to St Johns

Nursery Christmas Party Santa is coming to St Johns clubhouse this Saturday 21st December. Great fun for the boys and girls from the nursery. Details of the event are:

10am to 11-30am 2008/09 Boys & Girls visit Santa.
Please be on time as the 2006/07 Boys & Girls will finish their matches at 11.15 / 11.30am.

11-30am to 1pm 2006/07 Boys and Girls visit Santa.
We are staggering entry, so as not to overload the space available.

In order to make the day a success, we need help with baking /confectionary and would ask you to contribute what you can, and show off your home baking skills. If you have spare decorations or Christmas lights please drop them to the club house on Friday 20th December at 6.30pm.
If you can help in any way please contact Charlotte on 0862856223 or via Face Painters, Games organisers anything you’d be willing to do please get involved. The Club shop will be open, on the day. If you’re looking to secure an item as a Christmas present, lots of great club gear on offer, drop an email in the meantime don’t leave it until the 21st of December it could be too late.