Survey Questionnaire

Ballinteer St Johns commenced a review of its strategic plan earlier this summer. A key part of the review is engagement with all members to seek their views on the Club’s development to date and its direction for the future.  An open club house meeting was held on 13th July and a meeting with Players held on 30th August.

Meetings are scheduled with all Club Mentors on 6th September and with long standing club members on 14th September.  In addition to these meetings, an Online Survey has been developed, it seeks responses from members to 16 general questions in relation to the Club, followed by 10 or so specific questions dependent upon whether you are answering as an Adult Player, a Mentor, a Juvenile or a Parent.  We encourage all to participate in the questionnaire – it will take no more than 10 minutes of your time.


The Survey is password protected – the password will be circulated through text message and email groups. Please click here to access the Online Survey.


Survey Questionnaire is located here