Under 15’s Get 1st Division 1 Victory

Our Under 15 Footballers, who have been struggling to find their form since
winning promotion to Division 1 in 2011, delighted their loyal
followers with a thrilling and well earned 1 point victory over Lucan
Sarsfields at their 12th Lock headquarters in their last match before
Lucan started the match at blistering pace and raced to a 4 point lead
within minutes and it seemd that Ballinteer hadn’t registered that the
match had begun. Then the fightback began. Robert raced through the middle
of the field, drawing the defence and finding Michael with the perfect
handpass. Michael showed his enormous strength and no little skill to hold
off the physical challenge as he found the net from point blank range. A
moment later and the sides were level. The Lucan mentors were heard to
exclaim, "we’ve played all the football and now they’re back level !". Their
day was to get a lot worse as Iarlaith was dragged down in the square a
minute later and the referee had no hesitation in awarding the penalty.
Darragh, who was immense on the day, sent the keeper diving the wrong way
only for his placed effort to drift outside the right post. He quickly made
amends however by gathering the kickout and placing it over the black spot.
The game ebbed and flowed. There was no let up from either side and the
players were grateful for the occasional stoppages to attend to injured
players so they could take on water during what was an unseasonally warm
day. It was wonderful to see both sides sharing their rations in what was
otherwise an uncompromising physical encounter.
Thomas Noonan executed an amazing turn, shortly into the second half, and
sent a scorching shot towards the angle of the crossbar with the left
upright. It went over the bar like a rocket. It might so easily have been a
goal ! That was to follow within a short timeframe however as Darragh tied
the defence in knots and then delivered the perfectly timed crossfield
handpass to Tom who drilled it past the keeper who never had time to react.
Out hearts went out to the same keeper, but only briefly, when he fumbled a
high dropping ball into his own net. You see, we remember when that happened
to Tom himself against this very opposition in a Division 1 grading playoff
a few years ago. This was to be the day we laid to rest a few old ghosts !
If this report gives the impression that Lucan were surrendering then that
would be a lie. The truth is that it was a ding dong affair with no let up
on either side and the teams were level going into the last minute.
Darragh, who was a thorn in their sides all day, ripped through the heart of
the Lucan defence and was dragged down. It was outside the large
parallelogram but still within reach of a sharpshooter like Iarlaith.
The tension could be cut with a knife. The silence broken only by the call
of the Lucan players as Iarlaith began his run-up, " no pressure,
Ballinteer, NO PRESSURE ". Never a truer word was spoken. Coolness
personified ! The ball sailed high between the posts and the final whistle
sounded shortly after.
If a few players were named here that is not to downplay the contribution of
all the other heroes who played their part. If you want to see them in
action then visit


and play the slideshow.

Well done lads. Let’s have another one !