Update on All Ireland Final Tickets

12th September 2017

1. The Club Executive is committed to securing as large an allocation as possible from the Dublin County Board for the All Ireland Football final however we will not be able to secure
sufficient tickets for all Club Members as the match will be sold out.

2. Tickets will only be available Eligible Applicant i.e. those fully paid up Club Member, over 18, who have expressed interest in All Ireland Football Tickets following the TEXT messages
issued by the Club. Note that parents of juvenile members will only be eligible if they
themselves are also club members.

3. Following on from the Expressions of Ireland it is clear that we will be significantly over-
subscribed for each Ticket available therefore Tickets will be allocated in accordance with the AGM Motion #3 as approved by the AGM of 2013.

4. At this point in time it is planned to hold a Draw amongst Eligible Applicants on Saturday 16th September at 3 pm in the Clubhouse. Only Eligible Applicant, i.e. fully paid up Adult
members (including 10/20/ and Life Members) who have expressed interest by text and who have not been previously allocated a ticket by the Club will be eligible for the draw and must be present for the draw.